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Hello all customers and friends 💎✌. Since the recent passing of the owner of Duke Diamante it has been really difficult time for the family and I his brother have been left in charge of his clothing business. During this time it has been very difficult to keep the business updated with stock because of the current circumstances of coronavirus and the passing of my brother. I will in time, say a few months, be carrying the business on as normal but at this present time a break is needed. I hope all that have previously bought from this company are satisfied with their product 😁. I would also like to say a big thank you to all that shared, liked and bought from Duke Diamante that it gave him a great sense of purpose and happiness when an item of clothing was bought. He took so much pride in the designs and made sure every piece was to high quality, and that is something I will carry on in his name and the legacy he left I am determined to never let him down. To all who see this message, I hope you are all keeping safe and keeping well. These are disturbing times and will stay that way for a long time if we don't stick to the regulations. My brother was very worried about all of it and wanted to come out the other end of this more determined and motivated as ever. Much love and peace. All the best, Duke Diamante's brother Matty.

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